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​Designing a Casino is a complex task!  Pure Creativity and unique concepts are a must, but at Kora we understand there are many more elements required to get to the end product; a successful, smooth running and profitable gaming floor.  From the guests perspective each casino is made up of micro environments, we seek to create amazing memorable experiences to keep them wanting to come back for another visit. You can count on our in depth experience to be utilized collaborating closely with owners, chief gaming officers, table game and slot operators throughout the process, tying in with your operational and branding goals.  Kora designs strive for the optimal balance of beauty and durability in a highly active hospitality space.   We are experts in coordinating design elements with security, technology and mechanical systems unique to casino design.  

At Kora we understand the unique design sensitive nature of hospitality gaming design, our services for our clients are customized for each project and remain confidential regardless if they become constructed or not.  Give us a ring or drop us a note if you would like more information.

Carly Mossman, Registered Architect, NV & UT, NCARB Certified


*Projects completed while Kora Principal, Carly Mossman worked at Gensler 

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Character sketch including locations of projects in Las Vegas, design consulting and research initiatives Kora founder, Carly Mossman is proud to have been a part of over the past 13 years.

Kora Principal and Founder, Carly Mossman brings over a decade of experience in Casino Resort Hotel Design.  Working with clients including Venetian Sands, MGM Resorts International, Harrah's, SLS and various Tribal Gaming.  

With a special expertise in gaming spaces, we offer a unique service combining casino space analysis, evaluating potential opportunities for how the design environment can  support pleasant profitable gaming experiences.  Collaborating with heat mapping consultants and casino operators we can provide creative design strategies to align with gaming goals.  With clients and consultant teams from all over the world including the United States, Macau, Japan, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, Carly is an expert in international design and coordination for international projects.  ​

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